Jan. 16th, 2013

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Life Of Pi - a beautifully created, wonderful film. Another corker from Ang Lee.

Jack Reacher - Despite the lead looking nothing like how he is described in the books, this is an excellent little thriller that I would recommend to all and sundry.

Gangster Squad - Loved the production design, Sean Penn had all the best lines and there were some interesting friendships. Even so, I must be one of the only straight (ish) women who does not fancy Ryan Gosling!

Les Miserables and his orchestra - Never seen the stage production, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I went to see it because a) it's an Best Picture Oscar Nominee and b) Hugh Jackman (future ex Mr Beckymonster) is in it. Needless to say he is a revelation, as is Anne Hathaway and by the end I was in tears. Go see!

Lincoln - if they don't give the Best Picture Oscar to Argo - then I'll be happy if this one in it's stead. A superb film on every level (and yes, Daniel Day Lewis *will* will that 3rd Best Actor gong)
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