Feb. 2nd, 2013

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Dramatis personæ for 'The Ballad Of The Bride (Of Frankenstein's Monster)

Magda Lehnsherr - Noomi Rapace

Erik Lehnsherr - Michael Fassbender

Charles Xavier - James MacAvoy

Raven - Jennifer Lawrence

Marya - Sigourney Weaver

Django - Michael Biehn

Hank McCoy - Nicholas Hoult

Claremont - Ridley Scott or Jared Harris

Azazel - Jason Flemyng

Mr Fincher - ?

Kurt - Shinzon_Monster aka my year old nephew

Caveat Emptor - the above list is a small selection of the 'cast' I used for this story - please feel free to substitute where you wish. For the children, with one exception, I didn't have anyone in mind but please feel free to make suggestions!

Also - if you see a 'thread' forming regarding a certain film franchise... guilty as charged!;)
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