Mar. 16th, 2013

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This week has been a 'good things, bad things' week.

The bad was *bad* - I screwed up at work in a very unprofessional way. I'm in the process of apologising and keeping everything crossed That Will Be That. We'll have to see, I sure as heck hope so.

The good was very good - Tuesday was my birthday, thanks to everyone who wished me well! Spent it in London doing All The Things! Specifically, had my hair cut shorter than before (and that was short) saw Oz the Great and Powerful which was... worth the money I spent on a ticket - it passed Bechdel, which is saying a bit and it was very pretty to look at. Sometimes, I am very easy to please;)

I also saw the James MacAvoy production of MacBeth - which was excellent. Which means I've now seen both of the Professor Xaviers' play this role (Sir Patrick Stewart performed the role in '07) - and I've seen both of the Magnetos expose themselves in the name of Art too... but that's a tale for another day


MacAvoy was chillingly superb as the Scottish king in a very futuristic, dystopian setting of the play. There was one scene that will stay with me for a *very* long time, I won't spoil it - even though, you know the play is nearly 400 years old! but needless to say, if MacAvoy does cold hearted b*stard very, very well.

It's not a spoiler to say that he (and the rest of the cast) all spoke with Scottish accents, which worked remarkably well and does make me wonder if anyone else has done this before... The stage was tiny - it could fit into my work office (which isn't huge - there are seven desks in it and I don't have to shout to be heard across it either, just talk normal) with enough space left for the server room (at work - not in the production).

If you are in the area of London and can finangle a ticket - not many, I know, but hey! - I would recommend it, heartily before it finishes at the end of April.

So, that's me - how are you guys?
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