Jul. 16th, 2013

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That is, if anyone is actually reading my drivel... Anyhow - I'm here, I'm posting so now is as good a time as to fill in what's going on, albeit in bullet points.

- Spock passed his MOT! Okay - he had to have this windscreen wipers changed but ZOMG! he passed!! I have never had a car pass it's MOT on the first attempt in the coughtwentyoddcough years I've been driving.

- It's summer and boy howdy is the weather making up for the appalling winter the UK had in 2012/13. Being a monster who prefers temperate climes (this is what you get when you're half Irish!) I'm not doing brilliantly in any environment that does not include shade *and* air con. The worst thing? According to the weather peeps it should stay like this for another week or so. All those stereotypes about we Brits and the weather? All true! All of them!

- Movies I have seen in recent months that I have loved and would recommend to all and sundry include: Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim even on first showing has now made it's way onto the 'Films-To-Show-Shinzon-When-He's-Old-Enough' list. Yes, it really is *that* awesome!

- Fannishly... the really short version is that I'm not at the moment. The longer version needs another post... Which I'll do in a moment.
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So - yes, the state of the Fannish [livejournal.com profile] becky_monster

Doctor Who and I are having a trial separation. The last block of episodes were just 'meh' to me. The Neil Gaiman episode was good but... the spark has gone. And as for Matt Smith leaving the show? That was the sign that I'm not in love with Who the way I once was. I don't do well with regenerations - the media speculation is enough to make any sane person run for the hills - and then there is the whole wrench of saying goodbye to one favourite and getting used to the new one.

That and I'll freely admit that I never have gotten over Nine and that was EIGHT BLOODY YEARS AGO!


I'll watch the Christmas episode and will likely cry because despite the last season, I've loved Eleven but Twelve has to be something pretty flipping special to invoke the fannishness of before.

* * *

X-Men Movieverse - am taking a mental health break from this fandom(s) for the time being. As much as have I loved writing in these universe(s) - I think I (or rather, my muse) need more time to recharge our proverbial batteries before undertaking anything else in this universe. Given that The Wolverine opens ten days... who knows. Not to mention that I am following Bryan Singer on twitter, who has a rather wonderful habit of posting behind the scenes pics from X-Men: Days of Future Past out, which makes me incredibly gleeful at the best of times; so that is bringing me hope... and now I can 'hear' Sir Ian McKellen reciting one of the speeches from the first film in my head... help

That's not to say that I'm not writing - I am... or at least I'm trying to! I wish I could say more but... allow me to show rather than tell, deal?

* * *

So, that's me - in all my weirdness - how about you guys?

And if any of yous are on twitter - I'm becky_monster there too - please feel free to follow (but please yell so I can follow back!)
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