Aug. 20th, 2013

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Surprised kitty is surprised by two posts in three days. Can't say as I blame it;)

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I have a *thing* that needs looking over. Mainly for spelling & grammar; but if you've seen both Torchwood and Zero Dark Thirty a) congratulations on having such eclectic taste! and b) you'll get the gist!

Leave a comment etc.

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In other news, I think I should start up a list entitled 'Things I Have Researched In The Name of FanFic'.
In the last couple of days, it would include:
- The calendar for the year 2025
- The BBC World Service and how they announce the News
- Air Force One
- English Bulldogs
- Austrailian Meat Pies might also make the cut but I have that information from when I was doing research on an Inception fic from way back when. The perils of being a librarian - you remember *everything* and if you don't... you have to look it up.

* * *

To be filed under 'Stuff that makes me spitting mad':

The (London) Guardian - 'David Miranda, schedule 7 and the danger that all reporters now face' - the basics of the story are that the partner of the Guardian journo, who broke the Snowden case, a Brazilian citizen, was held at Heathrow for nine hours, under 'terrorism' laws but not charged.

The UK has many things going for it - freedom of speech enshrined by law ain't one of them as this case shows. 'Horrified' springs to mind.

Also - LJ is borking my coding - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! EDIT - as we say at work... there is an issue between the keyboard and the chair! ooops...

And now for 'Stuff that makes me very happy'

Which would be links to Neil Gaiman speaking about him writing another Doctor Who episode; Travis Beacham (writer of Pacific Rim) speaking about his joy at what his little creation has wrought and the comment that the film is edging over the 400 million mark regarding Box Office takings - which is a hell of a chunk of change and may signal a sequel. May please, O great goddess of geeks! Carry on.

If anyone sees any 'Hot Dads From Pacific Rim' icons, send 'em my way... Yeah, I think the 'new fandom klaxon' went off *weeks* ago and I didn't notice it... ahem!

And on that note - I shall leave y'all in peace!
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