Aug. 22nd, 2013

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Yes, I'm as surprised as you are!

To help get over the shock - Signal Boost: Channel 4 (in the UK) have purchased Agents Of SHIELD. Not much is known right now but this is a Good Thing and above all... COULSON LIVES!

* * *

Every year, London Zoo weighs it's animals - here - have photos. My favourite has to be Tammy the Anteater #TeamBringIt.

And at the other end of the spectrum - James Cameron says that it's 'inevitable' that all entertainment will be in 3D ahahahaha! no.

* * *

Next entry into the annals of 'Things I have looked up for Fan Fic' - Bulldogs, The Aussie Air Force, advice for dogs flying on planes. Yes, they are all related.

As is this -

The Pacific Rim theme played on Chinese instruments - well worth a listen!

On the same (ish!) subject.... I should have fic to share soon! Torchwood fic! Or to be more precise *crossover*. It's written and it's gone to beta, so with luck... I might actually have (gosh, shock HORROR) proper content!

* * *

I've downloaded the first episode of Welcome To Night Vale. Will report back when I've listened to it.

* * *

So... how are you guys?
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