Oct. 8th, 2013

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How are you? I hope this letter finds you well. Can I just start off by saying that you are an awesome person with impeccable taste! How do I know this? You have volunteered to write in one of the teeny fandoms that we both love. Ergo - awesome.

Just before we get to the nitty-gritty, just be aware that whatever you write, so long as you've enjoyed it's crafting, I am bound to enjoy it too. So, no pressure on you;)

And if you're here because you are a pinch-hitting superstar - then the above goes for you with bells on.

NB - apologies for not getting this finished for the release of assignments - life has been all flavours of crazy recently. But have at it and most of all, enjoy yourself.

My fandoms are: Sunshine (2007), The Wolverine (2013), Alien (1979) and Indiana Jones Series

These are my previous years letters - 2012, 2011 and 2010 - so you can have an idea what you're letting yourself in for;) And yes, I keep asking for one of them as one year, it's going to happen!! (ahem;))

Feel free to have a nosey around my journal - I've not been as 'present' this year as I have been in years past - but hopefully you'll get a flavour of what sort of weirdo I am.

Okay - onto the Likes and Dislikes portion of the letter.

The 'Yes Please!' list includes - Plot, character-led stories, friendships, alternative realities where one thing changes, hugs/cuddling, women characters being awesome and competent, teams equaling families, happy(ish) endings, conversations/banter, films, kisses, laughter, humour, science, teamwork, adventures, slice of life, dancing, joy, life...

If you want to go down the sexyteims route - sensuality is key as is emotional engagement and consent among adults too. My strongest leaning is towards m/m, quite happy with het but I'm afraid that f/f does nothing for me. Be far happier with female friendships, if that's okay with you.

The 'No Thank You' list - Character death*, kink, humiliation, partner betrayal, character bashing (especially women characters) porn minus plot, dark themes*. Fluffy monster is so *fluffy* you're gonna die (Despicable Me quote ftw!)

*With Alien feel free to give yourself some wiggle room, although, please, no darker than the film went as that film pretty much encapsulates my limits for gore/blood.

A Quick Word From Our Sponsors Re Ratings - Note – if you, awesome writer, can’t ‘do’ romance (het, slash or poly as the prompt suggests - or not) I would lovelovelove (more than cake!) Gen fic.

Details and Waffle for Sunshine(2007), Alien (1979), The Wolverine (2013) and The Indiana Jones Series )

Needless to say, whatever you write for me in any of the fandoms I've requested, I'm sure to love more than cake!

So - there you go!
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