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Add 'best hotels in Hong Kong' to the list of 'Things I Have Researched'. If you ever need this tidbit - The Peninsula Hotel is the way to go.

* * *

And now for a Random Memo.

To: My Muse
From: Me

Can we please STOP re-writing the beginning of this big bang story?! I know it lays the foundations for the rest of the tale. And yes, I think I have the ending in mind but let's get on with the good stuff in the middle?!

Lots of love

* * *

Shenanigans are going on at work. Exacerbated by the fact that yes, it's the beginning of a new academic year; which means that I have another tour or two to do before I get my spiel down to pat. It's amazing what you forget if you don't have to do it for a couple of weeks...

* * *

Tomorrow sees the announcement of the line up for this year's London Film Festival.

So prepare for waffle on films I'd like to go see. Grumbling because I can't go see most of them (I have a wedding and a birthday party to attend on the Saturdays of the fest) and let's not forget the costs involved too.

Woe betied if I hear any 'critic' complain about their lot.... Short version - press accreditation now costs £36 - which may buy you two tickets to a West End screening - three if you're out on Southbank. Also if said critics want to catch the press screenings of all the films - they have to use a public cinema, namely Cineworld Shaftesbury Ave - which is not the most 'glamorous' cinema in London. To say that one is 'unimpressed' is an understatement!

* * *

Hoping for a better day tomorrow. It is a good hope.
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