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I've achieved nearly *everything* on my 'To Do' list for today... which doesn't usually happen! Okay, I think I might be less surprised by this if I hadn't had to face the horrors of automated phone services!

If there is a more heinous scourge on humanity than those, I've yet to meet it! Anyhow - I still have one thing I have to face them down over... It can wait until tomorrow.

* * *

Still mulling over my choices for London Film Festival - now taking into consideration mundane things like 'logistics'. Still surprised that with a birthday, a wedding and possibly one of the busiest periods of my year all colliding with the LFF - I may (if the goddess of geeks smiles on me! the ticket sale is a bit of a bunfight!) get to see the following:
12 Years A Slave, Gravity, Jodorowsky's Dune, Only Lovers Left Alive and Locke.

Tickets go on sale on Thursday, so will keep you all posted.

* * *

In more fannish news, I'm writing! Both 'work' stuff and 'not!work' stuff. I wish I could say more at the moment but once I have the current, talky/exposition scene in the bag, then maybe I'll say something more.

* * *

Hope you guys are good!
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