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Okay - I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not quite sure where the... alien of the week came in, but at least it explains the whole business with Elizabeth I and I will *not* get started on the accuracy of that else we'll be here all day...

On the whole - there was a lot to like about this; especially when the three Doctors were talking (and boy oh boy, I still miss Nine and I always will) but it was a delight to see Ten again and Warrior!Eight was a joy... but then I don't think John Hurt knows how not be great.

Good to see how the Moment manifested itself. I always develop a bit of a nervous twitch relating to the Doctor any form of romance with a companion (Captain Jack never counted, mores the pity!) so this didn't make me twitch. Which is good.

And yes... I loved the 'regeneration' scene;) How could I not? Although - let's get one thing straight this instant... I refuse to renumber the Doctors. Peter Capaldi, when he makes his 'official' entrance will be TWELVE. Got that?! Good!

So, yes, I'll be watching at Christmas and when the new series starts too. I may not have the same love as I used to but it's still there... and I hope it always will be too;)
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