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(Note - I started writing this early as it usually takes me forever to try and form a letter that *may* pass for coherent. I finished it just before nominations opened, so don't mind the time stamp!)

Oh crikey, this has come around again quick...

Hello! I'm Beckymonster, your recipient for this round of [ profile] yuletide... or that rather strange soul with the bizarre requests, one of which has 'inspired' you!

How are you? I hope this letter finds you well. Can I just start off by saying that you are an awesome person with impeccable taste! How do I know this? You have volunteered to write in one of the teeny fandoms that we both love. Ergo - awesome.

Just before we get to the nitty-gritty, just be aware that whatever you write, so long as you've enjoyed it's crafting, I am bound to enjoy it too. So, no pressure on you;)

And if you're here because you are a pinch-hitting superstar - then the above goes for you with bells on.

So, my fandoms, for 2014 are: Sunshine (2007), The Lego Movie (2014), The Matrix (1999) and Gravity (2013)

If you're curious, since this is not my first yuletide (it's my 5th - ai me!;)) - you can find my previous Yuletide letters here: 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 - so you can have an idea what you're letting yourself in for;)

This is the point where I usually invite you to have a nosey around my lj to see what makes me tick but as I have been monster non-grata this year - that's a bit redundant. Needless to say that I love and adore movies and science fiction and whatever you write will also be loved more than cake.

If you do need a few pointers regarding likes and dislikes the following, I hope, may be useful:

Likes - Plot, character-led stories, friendships, alternative realities where one thing changes, different povs, hugs/cuddling, women characters being awesome and competent, teams equaling families, happy(ish) endings, conversations/banter, films, kisses, laughter, humour, science, teamwork, adventures, slice of life, dancing, joy, life...

Dislikes - I like a lot of things but there are a few hard and fast things I Do Not Like. They are:
Character death, kink, humiliation, partner betrayal, character bashing (especially women characters) porn minus plot, dark themes. Fluffy monster is so *fluffy* you're gonna die (Despicable Me quote ftw!). Yes, I do shed terribly - getting all that fluff out of the carpet is moider!

Ratings - go with what feels right for the story. I trust you, dear writer, so long as it's consensual, sensual and emotionally engaging I am *there*.

I hope that the above is intel enough for you to get cracking. Don't forget that OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL - I've waffled on about what I love about these films and thrown numerous plot bunnies left right and centre and yet if you have an idea burning deep inside - go for it. So long as you enjoy what you write, I'm going to love it too.

GRAVITY (2013) (Characters - Ryan Stone, Mission Control, Matt Kowalski)

Gravity Main Trailer on YouTube - Gravity @ IMDB

This was one of my favourite films of 2013 (alongside Pacific Rim and The Act Of Killing). I'm a sucker for SF and anything space related, so it was kind of a no brainer that I would like this movie. I just didn't expect to emotionally connect so damn hard with this 'simple' tale of surviving against all the odds to the point where I cried so damn much at one scene that I was physically shaking. If you've seen the movie, you'll know the scene - where Ryan asks Matt to pass a message along to Sarah for her... (wipes face... damn you Cuarón!).

(Quick! - story ideas before I completely lose the plot!). Ahem! As I've already stated, I love stories that feature different POVs, so tell me about Mission Control, the voice we hear in Huston - who is he, what's he (and the rest of NASA) going through as Ryan is fighting to get home. Tell me of the events of Gravity from their pov. What's happening here on good ol Terra Firma? After all, NASA hasn't lost anyone in space before the events of this movie (The 'Columbia' tragedy happened upon re-entry to Earth's atmosphere and 'Challenger' happened just after take off) that's going to have an effect on well... everyone!.

What happens to Ryan after the movie? She's going to be a very changed woman - after she's done the 'impossible', how's she doing? what's she doing? I'd like to think she's coping with the glare - especially as the press will be (literally) digging through her life...

Very random idea here: I was fortunate to visit Arlington cemetry in DC, earlier this year. The memorials to the crews of Challenger and Columbia moved me to tears - how will 'Explorer' be remembered?

In short? Go for it!

THE MATRIX (MOVIES) (Characters - Trinity, Morpheus, The Oracle)

The Matrix (1999) Trailer - The Matrix (1999) @ IMDB

I utterly adore this film and (unpopular opinion ahoy!) love the sequels too. As the character list chosen reflects the first film, please feel free to concentrate on that, oh most awesome writer, if that's your heart's desire. If you'd like to bring in the sequels too - go right ahead! I won't say no;)

I saw the first film on a cinema screen earlier this year, and although some of the tech looks a leetle bit clunky (computer monitors that took up a good chunk of desk space - ai me!) it still looks as cool as eff. Not to mention that it's still an excellent story after all these years, gorgeously directed and written by Lana and Andy Wachowski.

Okay - ideas! Is now a good time to note that Trinity is one of my all-time favourite lady characters ever? Yes? Good! So long as Trinity is front and centre, I'm good;)
Ideas for considering - what if Trinity was 'The One' instead of Neo? How would have the film played out instead? Meetings between her and the Oracle (who was always awesome, in either body) perhaps? Her relationship with Morpheus - she tells Neo (towards the end of the first film) that he means more to her than he does to Neo, I've always seen this as non-romantic but there are ties that bind these two. What was her life like while she was still plugged into the Matrix?
What was her training like with Morpheus once she was freed?

In short - as Morpheus would say 'free your mind'!

THE LEGO MOVIE (2014) (Character - Benny)

The Lego Movie: Behind the Bricks Featurette - The Lego Movie@ IMDB

If Gravity was one of my favourite films of last year, this is certainly one of my favourite films for *this* year. I was won over by the humour, the wittiness, the cameos, the inventiveness and of course... SPACESHIP!

Yes, I kind of fell in love with Benny - I wanted one of those 1980's Astronaut sets when I was a small monster (yes, I am old - hush now!) but it wasn't to be. So I'll happily settle for fic about my favourite space man (don't tell my nephew - he's on Buzz Lightyear kick and would be displeased at his Auntie Becky because of it!)

So - what's Benny's story? Why is he Benny and not Ben? How did he realise he was a Master Builder? What makes him tick? What are his hopes and dreams? Did he choose to become an astronaut - what's the Space Programme like in the Lego Universe? Do they have their 'own' realm like Middle Zealand and Cloud Cuckooland? Are there lady astronauts?
Give him an adventure of his own and I would be a very happy being... spaceship!

SUNSHINE (2007) (Characters - Robert Capa, Mace, Corazon, Cassie)

Sunshine Trailer - Sunshine (2007)@ IMDB

I've asked for this film every year I've participated in Yuletide, sometimes I wonder that I keep asking out of sheer bloody-mindedness but having seen the film at the cinema again this year, I can safely say that I ask because I adore this movie!

I know I've asked for 'any' - and by that I mean not just the characters named but any of the characters we meet in the film - even the Icarus II zieself.

Before I get onto the suggestions proper - video of Danny Boyle (Sunshine's director) and Professor Brian Cox (Sunshine's science advisor) talking about making the movie and working with the cast. Well worth a watch if you like the movie - and some day I'll pluck up the courage to ask for RPS about the long drunken night Prof Cox had with Cillian Murphy discussing the final scene where it looks like Capa having the mother of all orgasms!... what?!


I would lovelovelove to see Corazon and Cassie being awesome and good friends as well as having a Bechdel Test passing conversation. There were at least two opportunities where this could have happened but didn’t. Danny Boyle noted (at the talk where the aforementioned vid was filmed) that he wants to do a film that will pass this test – and I am sure he will (and I will pay damn good money to see it too!) Just not here.

I also adore Capa and Mace – we shall not discuss the crush the size of a small *moon* that I have on Cillian Murphy, nor that I’ll quite happily watch Chris Evans in nearly *anything* and have done. Ditto Michelle Yeoh, who I have loved since she wiped the floor with the bad guys back in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Other ideas - How do they deal with things like touch hunger and being a long way from home? What are their coping mechanisms?

Or give me a what if - what if they hadn't found the Icarus I - completed their mission and returned home. They've saved the solar system - now what? How do they adjust to real life and to the fact that they're (regarded by everybody else as) heroes?
If you'd like to draw correlations between these guys and the astronauts of the Apollo missions, knock yourself out. I'm a bit of space nerd, so it would be quite wonderful to read.

If you'd like a really nutso, crack!fic idea - Sentient!Icarus. How does zie feel about the crew? Icarus I? Or if you want to go completely batsh*t crazy - zie is a Jaeger (I bloody well adored Pacific Rim - not to mention that PR's writer has stated that Sunshine was very inspirational for aspects of the film) and her crew are her pilots etc;)

So, please, write me something wonderful about these beautiful, courageous, human souls so far from home.

I hope this is useful to you but if you'd like more details - ask a hippo for help, be more than happy to fill in the gaps.

And again, thank you
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