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How are you? I hope this letter finds you well. Can I just start off by saying that you are an awesome person with impeccable taste! How do I know this? You have volunteered to write in one of the teeny fandoms that we both love. Ergo - awesome.

Just before we get to the nitty-gritty, just be aware that whatever you write, so long as you've enjoyed it's crafting, I am bound to enjoy it too. So, no pressure on you;)

And if you're here because you are a pinch-hitting superstar - then the above goes for you with bells on.

NB - apologies for not getting this finished for the release of assignments - life has been all flavours of crazy recently. But have at it and most of all, enjoy yourself.

My fandoms are: Sunshine (2007), The Wolverine (2013), Alien (1979) and Indiana Jones Series

These are my previous years letters - 2012, 2011 and 2010 - so you can have an idea what you're letting yourself in for;) And yes, I keep asking for one of them as one year, it's going to happen!! (ahem;))

Feel free to have a nosey around my journal - I've not been as 'present' this year as I have been in years past - but hopefully you'll get a flavour of what sort of weirdo I am.

Okay - onto the Likes and Dislikes portion of the letter.

The 'Yes Please!' list includes - Plot, character-led stories, friendships, alternative realities where one thing changes, hugs/cuddling, women characters being awesome and competent, teams equaling families, happy(ish) endings, conversations/banter, films, kisses, laughter, humour, science, teamwork, adventures, slice of life, dancing, joy, life...

If you want to go down the sexyteims route - sensuality is key as is emotional engagement and consent among adults too. My strongest leaning is towards m/m, quite happy with het but I'm afraid that f/f does nothing for me. Be far happier with female friendships, if that's okay with you.

The 'No Thank You' list - Character death*, kink, humiliation, partner betrayal, character bashing (especially women characters) porn minus plot, dark themes*. Fluffy monster is so *fluffy* you're gonna die (Despicable Me quote ftw!)

*With Alien feel free to give yourself some wiggle room, although, please, no darker than the film went as that film pretty much encapsulates my limits for gore/blood.

A Quick Word From Our Sponsors Re Ratings - Note – if you, awesome writer, can’t ‘do’ romance (het, slash or poly as the prompt suggests - or not) I would lovelovelove (more than cake!) Gen fic.


Before I get onto the suggestions proper - video of Danny Boyle (Sunshine's director) and Professor Brian Cox (Sunshine's science advisor) talking about making the movie and working with the cast. Well worth a watch if you like the movie - and some day someONE will write RPS about the long drunken night Prof Cox had with Cillian Murphy discussing the final scene where it looks like Capa having the mother of all orgasms!... what?!


Optional details which are utterly optional - I would lovelovelove to see Corazon and Cassie being awesome and good friends as well as having a Bechdel Test passing conversation. There were at least two opportunities where this could have happened but didn’t. Danny Boyle noted (at the talk where the aforementioned vid was filmed) that he wants to do a film that will pass this test – and I am sure he will (and I will pay damn good money to see it too!) Just not here.

I also adore Capa and Mace – we shall not discuss the crush the size of a small *moon* that I have on Cillian Murphy, nor that I’ll quite happily watch Chris Evans in nearly *anything* and have done. Ditto Michelle Yeoh, who I have loved since she wiped the floor with the bad guys back in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Other ideas - How do they deal with things like touch hunger and being a long way from home? What are their coping mechanisms?

Or give me a what if - what if they hadn't found the Icarus I - completed their mission and returned home. They've saved the solar system - now what? How do they adjust to real life and to the fact that they're (regarded by everybody else as) heroes?
If you'd like to draw correlations between these guys and the astronauts of the Apollo missions, knock yourself out. I'm a bit of space nerd, so it would be quite wonderful to read.

Also, given that someone suggested Icarus as a character - Sentient!Icarus. How does zie feel about the crew? Icarus I? Or if you want to go completely batsh*t crazy - zie is a Jaeger (I bloody well adored Pacific Rim - not to mention that PR's writer has stated that Sunshine was very inspirational for aspects of the film) and her crew are her pilots etc;)


This is one of the scariest films I've ever seen - One day I *know* that I'll end up breaking a chair arm from gripping it too tightly during the 'pre-hiberation dinner' scene;). It is also one of my all time favourite films as well. Not just for it's simplicity but for the world it builds so quickly and effectively. Not only that but the fact that it's the inspiration for a major film test (which too many fail miserably, I'm sad to say) as well as the fact that it still stands up as a bonafide classic even now says a lot for it.

And it has a cat in it. You cannot go wrong with having a cat as a main character in your movie;) So, yeah, I nominated Jones and I regret nothing;p.

Optional details which are utterly optional - Tell me about Jones! Who's side is he on anyhow? What does he think of the humans? Can-openers? Minions? Creatures for sacrifice or protection? Is he working with or against the Xenomorph?

Conversely - what could have happened if Mother hadn't picked up the distress call? What if another ship had picked it up? I do love a good what if - so take it and run!

Also - I love slice of life stories, so the reasoning as to *why* there is a cat on board would be wonderful. Or if you'd like to explore the backstories of the crew - would love that too - why are they there at that time? What did they hope to do when they got home? Fill in the details! I love ensemble fics, so please feel free to bring the characters I didn't mention in as well - I nominated this fandom and couldn't get the rest of the crew in.


Card on the table, of all the superhero 'franchises', my knock 'em out favourite, has to be X-Men. Not least because Hugh Jackman turned Logan/Wolverine into a flesh and blood being rather than what's presented in the comics.
So, add in the fact that the new movie was set in Japan (a place/culture I have a curiosity about) and I was there as soon as I could be.

What I didn't expect was to be bowled over by two of the female characters in the film. They were friends, they talked to each other, they stood up for themselves, had facets to their characters and it was wonderful!

So, yes, as much as I love Logan, if you made the story all about the ladies, I'd love it as much as I love cake. I'm curious about Mariko's pov. This character from her grandfather's stories comes blundering into her life, when she's (seemingly) fighting her own battles and well... How does she see the events of the movie? If you have knowledge of Japanese culture and want to thread it through your story - please do!

Or a story about Mariko and Yuiko, off having adventures and being awesome would be grand too; Logan can come along too but would prefer the ladies to be front and center. I'd just love more stories with these ladies if that's okay with you?

INDIANA JONES SERIES@IMDB (link is for Raiders - but hope you get the idea;)

Oh, Indy! One of my favourite films evar is Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Right from the start, it's quite possibly one of the most perfect films of all time. Not to mention that it also features one of my most beloved couples as well, Henry 'Indiana' Jones and Marion Ravenwood.

I love Marion's wit, her resourcefulness and the fact that that she gives as good as she gets from Indy. Needless to say, that while many deride Crystal Skull, I have the soft spot the same size as a small moon (or battle station, if you prefer;)) for it. All because of these two getting back together. So, yes, if these two are front and centre, I will be a happy being.

I don't mind if the story is set post Raiders or post Crystal Skull - tell me what's going on in their lives. Did they go for that drink? How's married life treating them (is the campus still standing for a start?! The faculty will not know what the hell hit them when Mrs Ravenwood-Jones is through with them;)). Fill in the gaps with banter and snark and romance and I will be happy!

Needless to say, whatever you write for me in any of the fandoms I've requested, I'm sure to love more than cake!

So - there you go!
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