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So, if like me, you want to watch it a thousand times, you can. If you tear up at that moment at 1:57, like I did...

Roll on 18/12! I'll bring the tea, you bring the awesome!
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[ profile] mini_nanowrimo - 401 words. Wanted more but it's Monday,

* * *

To be filed under 'I'll Believe It When I See It!'

Matthew Vaughn is RUMOURED to be in talks to direct Star Wars: Episode VII

I didn't talk much about Vaughn leaving XMFC - because I was praying to the Goddess of Geeks that we'd get someone 'good' to take his place. I still have the horrors over X-Men: The Last Stand - six years on, it *still* sucks like a Dyson!
Someone must have heard as Bryan Singer stepped up to the plate - someone who's work I like a hell of a lot (And if he can pull Sir Ian's 'Magneto' suit out of storage and get it tailored to fit Fassbender - all the better but that's just me). So coloured me a happy monster. Also with the other knight talking about returning... could be good!

Again, it's all rumours, lies and conjecture - but if he goes from Mutants to that Galaxy, Far, Far away... best of luck to him. He has the chops, can handle the FX and big casts but the pressure?

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