Sep. 2nd, 2013

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Does anyone know where I can find an Aussie-picker? Add this to the list entitled 'Things I Have Researched For Fic'.

I know I should make life easIER on myself by using the canon British Character as the main voice but... there you go.

* * *

In related news... Casting has been announced for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
Call me utterly *crazy* but given the 'quality' of some of the names that this project is attracting - this might be okay. I'll explain my reasoning...

From what I've read of the book (I didn't get far at all - the whole 'inner goddess' schtick got very old, very fast!) it needs the same thing that Tolkien needed (and I can hear [ profile] torn_eledhwen and [ profile] celandineb sputtering all the way over here;)) - a damn good editor who's prepared to fillet out the crud and keep the good stuff.

Tolkien had that in Jackson, Boyens and Walsh for the trilogy. The Prestige is only half the book that Christopher Priest wrote and it's (arguably) one of Christopher Nolan's finest films. So - I'm a *very* long way off of 'cautiously optimistic' but I'm not writing it off yet.

* * *

For those of you who may have missed this - some of the 'new' rules for Yuletide' have been (thankfully) scrapped. Leading to much rejoicing in the land.

FWIW - I'm thinking of nominating the following: Alien (1979), The Wolverine (2013), Sunshine (2007). There may be a 4th, but I can't think of it right now. These are my definite *wants*.

* * *

File under 'useful to someone' - Bleeding Cool is reporting that Agents Of SHIELD will begin showing in the US on 24/9 and the UK on 27/9 - which is a Friday. How this will work out in the long run is *anyone's* guess.

* * *

One class done - (seemingly) 500 still left to do!;)
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