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Does anyone know where I can find an Aussie-picker? Add this to the list entitled 'Things I Have Researched For Fic'.

I know I should make life easIER on myself by using the canon British Character as the main voice but... there you go.

* * *

In related news... Casting has been announced for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
Call me utterly *crazy* but given the 'quality' of some of the names that this project is attracting - this might be okay. I'll explain my reasoning...

From what I've read of the book (I didn't get far at all - the whole 'inner goddess' schtick got very old, very fast!) it needs the same thing that Tolkien needed (and I can hear [ profile] torn_eledhwen and [ profile] celandineb sputtering all the way over here;)) - a damn good editor who's prepared to fillet out the crud and keep the good stuff.

Tolkien had that in Jackson, Boyens and Walsh for the trilogy. The Prestige is only half the book that Christopher Priest wrote and it's (arguably) one of Christopher Nolan's finest films. So - I'm a *very* long way off of 'cautiously optimistic' but I'm not writing it off yet.

* * *

For those of you who may have missed this - some of the 'new' rules for Yuletide' have been (thankfully) scrapped. Leading to much rejoicing in the land.

FWIW - I'm thinking of nominating the following: Alien (1979), The Wolverine (2013), Sunshine (2007). There may be a 4th, but I can't think of it right now. These are my definite *wants*.

* * *

File under 'useful to someone' - Bleeding Cool is reporting that Agents Of SHIELD will begin showing in the US on 24/9 and the UK on 27/9 - which is a Friday. How this will work out in the long run is *anyone's* guess.

* * *

One class done - (seemingly) 500 still left to do!;)
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So, I, er, fell off the planet for a few days... Same stuff, different week.

* * *

Welcome To Night Vale has piqued my curiosity. I'm still ploughing through the podcasts (I think my last one was 'A Story About You') and it gets both a recommendation and thumbs up from me.

I don't know so much 'All Hail The Glowing Cloud' but all hail [ profile] nialla42 as she only ever recommends the good stuff.

* * *

In other news - my family is 'growing'. Sibling Unit 3 is getting married and we've been 'adopted' by a stray (not feral) cat, who has the bossiest meow going and will happily eat zie's own body weight in wet food given half a chance. The family are calling zie 'Midnight' - I think 'Noisy Hoover' would be better... even though that makes zie sound like a Jaeger.

* * *

It's the start of the new academic year tomorrow. Let it be better than the last in some ways please!

And in 'Other Signs That It's Autumn/Fall' - here is the schedule and opening gambits for [ profile] yuletide. Now begins the 'oh gawd - what am I going to *ask* for this year' angst. Other than Sunshine (2007) - because I always ask for that and ONE YEAR I WILL GET MY FIC!!!.

*ahem*. Carry on!

* * *

That's me - how are you guys?
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See, I wasn't kidding! I can share fic nao?!

I'm rude, She's Ginger (1344 words) by Beckymonster
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Zero Dark Thirty (2013), Torchwood
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use

Archive Warnings
Characters: Maya (Zero Dark Thirty), Jeremy, Jack Harkness
Additional Tags: Fluff and Crack, A/U

On her way back to D.C. after the mission, Maya receives a proposition

Feedback is loved and adored
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Yes, I'm as surprised as you are!

To help get over the shock - Signal Boost: Channel 4 (in the UK) have purchased Agents Of SHIELD. Not much is known right now but this is a Good Thing and above all... COULSON LIVES!

* * *

Every year, London Zoo weighs it's animals - here - have photos. My favourite has to be Tammy the Anteater #TeamBringIt.

And at the other end of the spectrum - James Cameron says that it's 'inevitable' that all entertainment will be in 3D ahahahaha! no.

* * *

Next entry into the annals of 'Things I have looked up for Fan Fic' - Bulldogs, The Aussie Air Force, advice for dogs flying on planes. Yes, they are all related.

As is this -

The Pacific Rim theme played on Chinese instruments - well worth a listen!

On the same (ish!) subject.... I should have fic to share soon! Torchwood fic! Or to be more precise *crossover*. It's written and it's gone to beta, so with luck... I might actually have (gosh, shock HORROR) proper content!

* * *

I've downloaded the first episode of Welcome To Night Vale. Will report back when I've listened to it.

* * *

So... how are you guys?
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Surprised kitty is surprised by two posts in three days. Can't say as I blame it;)

* * *

I have a *thing* that needs looking over. Mainly for spelling & grammar; but if you've seen both Torchwood and Zero Dark Thirty a) congratulations on having such eclectic taste! and b) you'll get the gist!

Leave a comment etc.

* * *

In other news, I think I should start up a list entitled 'Things I Have Researched In The Name of FanFic'.
In the last couple of days, it would include:
- The calendar for the year 2025
- The BBC World Service and how they announce the News
- Air Force One
- English Bulldogs
- Austrailian Meat Pies might also make the cut but I have that information from when I was doing research on an Inception fic from way back when. The perils of being a librarian - you remember *everything* and if you don't... you have to look it up.

* * *

To be filed under 'Stuff that makes me spitting mad':

The (London) Guardian - 'David Miranda, schedule 7 and the danger that all reporters now face' - the basics of the story are that the partner of the Guardian journo, who broke the Snowden case, a Brazilian citizen, was held at Heathrow for nine hours, under 'terrorism' laws but not charged.

The UK has many things going for it - freedom of speech enshrined by law ain't one of them as this case shows. 'Horrified' springs to mind.

Also - LJ is borking my coding - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! EDIT - as we say at work... there is an issue between the keyboard and the chair! ooops...

And now for 'Stuff that makes me very happy'

Which would be links to Neil Gaiman speaking about him writing another Doctor Who episode; Travis Beacham (writer of Pacific Rim) speaking about his joy at what his little creation has wrought and the comment that the film is edging over the 400 million mark regarding Box Office takings - which is a hell of a chunk of change and may signal a sequel. May please, O great goddess of geeks! Carry on.

If anyone sees any 'Hot Dads From Pacific Rim' icons, send 'em my way... Yeah, I think the 'new fandom klaxon' went off *weeks* ago and I didn't notice it... ahem!

And on that note - I shall leave y'all in peace!
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Just not today...

So, yeah! Still here - about to embark on something really stupid but then again... what else is new?

More details when possible!

Hope you guys are all aokay
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So - yes, the state of the Fannish [ profile] becky_monster

Doctor Who and I are having a trial separation. The last block of episodes were just 'meh' to me. The Neil Gaiman episode was good but... the spark has gone. And as for Matt Smith leaving the show? That was the sign that I'm not in love with Who the way I once was. I don't do well with regenerations - the media speculation is enough to make any sane person run for the hills - and then there is the whole wrench of saying goodbye to one favourite and getting used to the new one.

That and I'll freely admit that I never have gotten over Nine and that was EIGHT BLOODY YEARS AGO!


I'll watch the Christmas episode and will likely cry because despite the last season, I've loved Eleven but Twelve has to be something pretty flipping special to invoke the fannishness of before.

* * *

X-Men Movieverse - am taking a mental health break from this fandom(s) for the time being. As much as have I loved writing in these universe(s) - I think I (or rather, my muse) need more time to recharge our proverbial batteries before undertaking anything else in this universe. Given that The Wolverine opens ten days... who knows. Not to mention that I am following Bryan Singer on twitter, who has a rather wonderful habit of posting behind the scenes pics from X-Men: Days of Future Past out, which makes me incredibly gleeful at the best of times; so that is bringing me hope... and now I can 'hear' Sir Ian McKellen reciting one of the speeches from the first film in my head... help

That's not to say that I'm not writing - I am... or at least I'm trying to! I wish I could say more but... allow me to show rather than tell, deal?

* * *

So, that's me - in all my weirdness - how about you guys?

And if any of yous are on twitter - I'm becky_monster there too - please feel free to follow (but please yell so I can follow back!)
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That is, if anyone is actually reading my drivel... Anyhow - I'm here, I'm posting so now is as good a time as to fill in what's going on, albeit in bullet points.

- Spock passed his MOT! Okay - he had to have this windscreen wipers changed but ZOMG! he passed!! I have never had a car pass it's MOT on the first attempt in the coughtwentyoddcough years I've been driving.

- It's summer and boy howdy is the weather making up for the appalling winter the UK had in 2012/13. Being a monster who prefers temperate climes (this is what you get when you're half Irish!) I'm not doing brilliantly in any environment that does not include shade *and* air con. The worst thing? According to the weather peeps it should stay like this for another week or so. All those stereotypes about we Brits and the weather? All true! All of them!

- Movies I have seen in recent months that I have loved and would recommend to all and sundry include: Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim even on first showing has now made it's way onto the 'Films-To-Show-Shinzon-When-He's-Old-Enough' list. Yes, it really is *that* awesome!

- Fannishly... the really short version is that I'm not at the moment. The longer version needs another post... Which I'll do in a moment.
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Perseus versus Medusa, (1981)

Empire's obituary for Ray Harryhausen

I think the best tribute I can give is that Mr Harryhausen's work inspired, in me, a love of cinema but astronomy and Greek mythology via Clash of The Titans but Jason and the Argonaugts too. I re-watched the latter earlier this year, while recovering from surgery, still a wonderful, entrhalling film.

Thoughts are with his family, he shall be missed but his legacy is beyond compare.
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Pacific Rim Wondercon Trailer.

If you can form a coherent sentence after watching that, congratulations! I simply flailed gleefully. Worldbuilding! History! Connection through Memory! Honking Great Big Robots! Idris Elba in dress blues! GIMME!!

I freely admit that I was jonesying for this film the moment it was announced that Guillermo Del Toro's next project was going to involve giant robots fighting monsters. Okay, the more 'highbrow' cinema going audience may sniff at such things but this cinenerd? Flailed like a loon at the first trailer.

I am fully aware that it could still fall to pieces, just like his take on the The Hobbit did but I am quietly hopeful that this is going to be everything I've hoped for and a bag of crisps.

So in conclusion - Is It July yet?!
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Random thoughts under here. Nowt too taxing )

So, they're my thoughts - what about yours?
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Full trailer for 'Man Of Steel'. As much as I love Superman Returns (and I do - a hell of a lot) I am moving from being ambivalent to being rather interested in this... that is until I remind myself that the director is Zack Snyder.

Still, glass half full and all that.

* * *

In other news - Reason no. 564 why New Zealand is awesome - other than those involving Fantasy films and odd shaped balls:

New Zealand becomes the first Asia/Pacific country to legalise Equal Marriage.

And, yes, there is an awesome reason for the singing too
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So - yes, still here, just not posting as much as I used to - who is? but wanted to share this with y'all. Especially the USians...

Oblivion (2013) came out in the UK weekend just gone. I had read all manner of reviews beforehand, some hated it, others thought it was good and so on. Folks whose opinions run closest to mine thought it was excellent... which was heartening.

Especially as they were right! The movie is directed and written by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) and yes, it shares the gorgeous aesthetics of that film. Truly, your eyeballs are going to love this! And your ears too - the soundtrack by M83 is a thing of beauty.

There has been a lot of talk in the reviews as to the film using ideas that have appeared in other Sci-Fi films. I won't go into details but if you've made up your mind to go see - try not to read the reviews lest the surprises are spoiled for you. The thing is, even the films that Oblivion has riffed on, have taken ideas from others - there are no new ideas in SF. Just recycled ones either done badly or well.

With Oblivion, I thought they were done well - and for the 2nd time this year, I want to see a new release again at the cinema. (The first one was the wonderful Trance). Which from me is high praise indeed. That and I think I may either ask for or proffer this as a fandom for [ profile] yuletide this year.

Did I mention it passes (in my understanding anyhow) the Bechdel Test - more than once?!

Yes, it's that good. So, go, see, on the best screen possible!

* * *

In other news, reading the following today made me incredibly *happy* Now Filming: 'X-Men: Days of Future Past', directed by Bryan Singer and 'Jupiter Ascending' directed by the Wachowskis

So, that's me - how are you guys?
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This week has been a 'good things, bad things' week.

The bad was *bad* - I screwed up at work in a very unprofessional way. I'm in the process of apologising and keeping everything crossed That Will Be That. We'll have to see, I sure as heck hope so.

The good was very good - Tuesday was my birthday, thanks to everyone who wished me well! Spent it in London doing All The Things! Specifically, had my hair cut shorter than before (and that was short) saw Oz the Great and Powerful which was... worth the money I spent on a ticket - it passed Bechdel, which is saying a bit and it was very pretty to look at. Sometimes, I am very easy to please;)

I also saw the James MacAvoy production of MacBeth - which was excellent. Which means I've now seen both of the Professor Xaviers' play this role (Sir Patrick Stewart performed the role in '07) - and I've seen both of the Magnetos expose themselves in the name of Art too... but that's a tale for another day


MacAvoy was chillingly superb as the Scottish king in a very futuristic, dystopian setting of the play. There was one scene that will stay with me for a *very* long time, I won't spoil it - even though, you know the play is nearly 400 years old! but needless to say, if MacAvoy does cold hearted b*stard very, very well.

It's not a spoiler to say that he (and the rest of the cast) all spoke with Scottish accents, which worked remarkably well and does make me wonder if anyone else has done this before... The stage was tiny - it could fit into my work office (which isn't huge - there are seven desks in it and I don't have to shout to be heard across it either, just talk normal) with enough space left for the server room (at work - not in the production).

If you are in the area of London and can finangle a ticket - not many, I know, but hey! - I would recommend it, heartily before it finishes at the end of April.

So, that's me - how are you guys?
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To honour of one of the hoopiest froods ever - Mr Douglas Adams, who would have been 61 today. Whereever you are, have a Pan Galactic Gargleblaster on all of us.
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Link To Trailer on Yahoo Movies

You're welcome, Internet!

And now, I shall return to writing fic for a film that hasn't 'officially' opened yet. how is this my life?
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So, I have decided to take the plunge and do the XMFC Bingo this year. Have never done a bingo card - so first time and all that. This is the card:

AU: rom com anal sex time travel (to the future) role reversal pining
jealousy AU: ballet/dancers backstory (Riptide) Charles/Wesley Angel and Raven
Erik's massive cock AU: noir wildcard crossdressing backstory (Angel)
Erik and/or Mystique bonds with old Hellfire Club members AU: spies/secret agents AU: Victorian Darwin back from the dead(!) BAMF!Darwin
McKellen!Erik/Stewart!Charles/Fassbender!Erik/McAvoy!Charles AU: genosha AU: frat boys bearstd>
AU: prostitution

There is plenty for me to work with here - I don't know if I would be able to do *all* of them but I should be able to pull a bingo or two out of this...

Any tips from more practiced hands at this sort of thing?!
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Watched the Oscars this morning - some excellent winners (Adele - Skyfall for one - her performance was outstanding) one of which was this:

Paperman - which showed in front Wreck It Ralph. If the director is not snapped up by Pixar for a feature length film, there really is no justice.


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